Function and Objective of Corporate Services Division


In general, the objective of this section is to ensure that all administrative activities and financial services properly executed in accordance with the rules and schemes that are in effect at this time.

Function: Current

This division is headed by an Administrative Officer (N41).

Administration Unit

The unit is headed by an Assistant Administrative Officer (N32) and assisted by several officers and supporting staffs. The unit has been assigned to perform functions relating to human resources and administration  as there are in other departments or organizations.

The main functions of this unit are as follows: -

  • Managing human resources.
  • Manage and provide disciplinary action of staffs
  • Processing staff’s  holidays.
  • To manage the needs of medical attention for staffs or staff’s family members.
  • To Coordinate examinations for staffs who attending government examinations.
  • Coordinating staffs training or courses organized by other government departments and  institutions of higher learning.
  • Preparing staff’s annually confidential report.
  • Managing and updating the records of staff.
  • Manage the filling system.
  • Coordinate the creation of new position.
  • Managing government cars provided for ministry.
  • The Secretariat of the Committee Opening and Evaluation of Quotations KPSKTM.
  • Coordinating Meeting of Staff and the Joint Council Meeting Department (MBJ)  KPSKTM.


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