The Skills Unit was set up as a mechanism to the local entrepreneurs to   improve and upgrade their existing technical skills in contract or field according to their expertness.


To produce and develop local entrepreneurs to become a higher quality, competitive and skillful.

Client Charter

We Promise:

  • To produce certificate of attendance within 3 weeks.
  • To constantly provide quality and friendly service to customers.


  • To provide training, guidance, advices and exposure related to contractors' business and construction management for local entrepreneurs who own companies and businesses.
  • To improve and upgrade local contractors' basic technical knowledges and to have more numbers of  local entrepreneurs who are skilled in other field.

Target Participants:

Local entrepreneurs and contractors who own companies or businesses   who want to get certificate of recognition for the bumiputera status for their companies and businesses.

Courses available

  • Building Works Contractor
  • Construction Management
  • Supply and Services Contractor
  • Roadworks Contractor
  • Civil Engineering Works Contractor
  • Building Services Contractor (M&E)
  • Building and Surrounding Area Cleaning Services
  • Basic Business Accounting

For further information, please contact:

  • Cleopatra Clare Asing - 088269070
  • Stephanie Mojiun - 088268060
  • Sahar Unggat - 088288332


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