Client Charter

Corporate Services Division

Staffs of Corporate Services Division, Ministry of Resources Development and Information Technology indeed will always be committed in providing quality and efficient services to the customers.

In line with the policy of public sector human resources, our full determination and commitment pledge to carry out the responsibilities entrusted : -

  • To ensure the appointment, confirmation of service, pension status and extension of the probationary period for all ministry’s staffs will be completed within 21 days after receiving the application.
  • To arrange preliminary internal training programs (in-house) scheduled at least 1 month before starting.
  • Preparing minutes of meetings organized and distributed within 3 working days.
  • Manage disciplinary cases and promotion / acting within 16 weeks.
  • Ensure to take action within 7 days after a complain made to repair any broken equipment.
  • Ensure that letters received from all division to be posted within 1 day and letters received by post / fax / hand to be distributed on the same day.
  • To answer calls in not more than 3 rings and use standard response systems and customer-friendly.
  • Ensure that payment vouchers are completed within 14 days from date of invoice received by the ministry.
  • To issue a warrant of air within 5 days of receiving the applications.
  • Ensure billing claims, travel claims and overtime claims are processed within 7 days from the date the completed application is received.


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